The storm season is almost coming. It’s only ideal to be ready for the upcoming severe weather conditions. The harsh storms that you’ll have to deal with can cause serious damage to your landscape and house if left ignored. Hurricanes, thunderstorms, and tornadoes can affect even the healthiest tree in your property. Thus, it becomes vital to maintain, care, and be proactive to protect your house and trees during a severe storm.

Today, we are going to share with you some of the things you can do to prepare your trees for storm season, from hiring a tree service in Traverse City MI to year-round care.

Hiring an Expert

Hiring an expert tree care company is the ideal method to guarantee that your trees are ready to take on the storm season. They’re completely qualified, experienced, and certified to deal with tree-related problems. Keep in mind that not every tree is the same. A couple of them are more susceptible to diseases, decay, and damage compared to some. Professionals can evaluate the trees, suggest ways to solve problems when they detect them.

Year-Round Care

The ideal method to maintain the health of your tree is to take care of them during the year. Trees that are maintained every single month of the year have higher chances to adapt to seasonal storms and various climatic conditions. To ensure strength, you have to mulch their base, water them, and regularly fertilize them. You should check if the soil around the tree is eroded by irrigation. You’ve got to ensure that your trees also establish a sturdy root system.


Regularly prune the tree to lower their possibilities of getting damaged during a severe storm. A professional tree care company can get rid of weak branches and dead limbs to avoid further damage. They can also get rid of limbs hanging on the power lines and overly long branches. If you want your tree to survive the storm season, it is best that you have strategic pruning. Your trees will have less chance of posing a risk if they’re healthy.


One ideal way to search for problem areas is to survey the property yourself. You should search for dead trees, damaged trunks, dense canopies, splits, decomposed or diseased trees, and dead branches. All of these things can cause a problem during a storm. You also have to take preventive action if you see that your tree is leaning towards your house. Hiring a professional is your best bet to get rid of the tree or simply trim it. Routine assessments help you evaluate the health of your tree and save you from problems in the future.

Once the Storm has Passed

After the storm is gone, you have to evaluate your property and check for any damage such as broken branches and bent trees. If you find any broken branches, call a tree service company right away to have them removed. You will also have to get rid of a tree that has been uprooted.