A commercial building needs to have the right maintenance to fully function everyday. One vital part of a commercial building is the heating or cooling system that is installed. A heating system in a commercial space can vary from different systems just like a residential space have various heating or cooling systems to choose from. In a business you need to take most precaution with investing rightly, this means you need to take into consideration the energy you consume or else it will subtract your expected profit on the long run. Moreover, investing in a good heating or cooling system should involve the maintenance and repair that you need to expect but knowing what type of heating system will help you ease into that issue.

Each heating system has its own limits and of course advantages:

  • Variable Air Volume System with a rooftop unit: this type of system includes a condenser and electric boiler and sometimes in places where there is a small amount of humidity outdoors, an economizer. Hearing the word economizer is already a ring to the ear when it comes to businessmen. The economizer’s role is to reduce the cooling load within the condenser. This can help in saving energy as much as helping the equipment last longer or getting into less maintenance problems. This type of heating system is suitable to commercial spaces that has a rooftop with wide are and are not suitable to buildings which have many floors because usually this buildings have lesser are in the rooftop.
  • Chiller (Cooling Tower or Boiler): There are two modes that involves this type of system, first is the cooling mode and second the heating mode. In both modes, there is exchange in the water that’s circulating and the air that is inside the building, this process basically provides the airflow in the building. This type of system is on the pricier side because there is more pipe considered and piping can be expensive. However, this type of heating system is more efficient compared to the variable air volume system and is more effective for buildings that are vertically focused or buildings with many floors and lesser rooftop area.
  • Heat Pump with Water Source: This type of system is highest in rank when it comes to adaptability and saving energy. This type of system works just like your AC however it also has the ability to reverse that process so that it can either be used as a heater or a cooler. Since a water flow inside a building is interconnected, the needs of heating and cooling is balanced out and this will help saving energy.

Every system has its own advantages and it depends on the kind of commercial building you have. Some are more efficient in saving energy however additional part of the system can help you with efficiency problems like addition of speed control or fans.

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