If you’re new to the mechanics of your car, we’ll teach you the important of changing oil and how it can save your vehicle. The car’s engines are made of many moving parts. Imagine if those parts always move, but without lubrication. After some time, they will get damaged. That’s where oil comes in, it makes the engine more functional.  

Oil Change

However, the oil becomes contaminated over time. It will get debris, dirt and dust from the engine as well as from the environment. If this happens, the oil won’t be able to do its job properly. That’s why oil change is important, it prevents you from spending lots of money due to costly repairs. If you’re still not convinced, the following are the benefits of changing car oil.  

Cools Engine Component 

Once the moving parts lack proper lubrication, it will create friction. You know what this means, it results to heat. This will overheat the engine, which is not good if you’re driving for long hours. The car needs a maintenance of clean and sufficient amount of oil so the friction is prevented. This will cool the components of the engine.  

Maintains Engine Lubrication 

The engine parts like valves and pistons constantly move at high rates of speed. The more they work, the more heat they create. If your oil is not clean or not in sufficient amount, the engine parts are going to wear down. The parts should be properly lubricated, so the engine parts won’t overheat and damage your car. The manual has the information you need about oil change, including the grade and weight of oil the vehicle requires.  

Removes Engine Wear Particles and Sludge 

If you don’t change your oil, it will accumulate dirt and sludge over time. Dirt particles are not good for the everyone, they are specifically deadly. Once the dirt stays for a long time, it will cause corrosion, decreasing the life expectancy of the engine. Once the oil breaks down, it turns into sludge. How can you make sure that the vehicle is working well? Check and change the oil including the filters so the particles are removed.  

Promoted Vehicle Longevity 

If you want your car to last longer, do a routine check-up and maintenance. Once the oil has build-up dirt, it will lessen the vehicle’s power and fuel economy. This will lead to moving parts working harder. This means that the engine must catch up, and work harder too. If too much stress is put to the engine, it will break down.  

Improves Gas Mileage 

If the vehicle doesn’t have enough clean oil, it will increase its fuel consumption. This is not good news. Aside from keeping your vehicle in its best shape, you can improve your savings by improving your gas mileage. You can achieve this by doing routine changes and filling the right kind of oil. Performing an oil change will improve the overall performance of your vehicle.